3D Computer Graphics


Computer Graphics covers the set of techniques enabling the synthesis of animated virtual worlds. The applications range from entertainment (special effects, 3D feature films, video games) to industrial design (modelling and visualizing prototypes) and virtual reality (flight simulator, interactive walk-trough). This course introduces the domain by presenting the bases for the creation of 3D models, their animation, and the rendering of the corresponding 3D scene. Student will practice through programming exercices in OpenGL.



In the following schedule, lectures are in blue and lab sessions in green:

It is recommended to read the Practical introduction page before starting lab sessions.


Week Date First slot Second slot
1 30/01 Introduction / Graphic pipeline  Practical 1: First steps
2 13/02 Practical 2: Meshes and modeling
3 20/02 Geometric Representations  Practical 3: Hierarchical modeling
4 05/03 Local illumination  Practical 4: Local illumination
5 12/03 Textures  Practical 5: Texturing
6 19/03 Principles of Animation  Practical 6: Keyframe animation
7 26/03 Animation Models  Project session 1
8 02/04 Advanced Geometry  Project session 2
9 09/04 Advanced Rendering  Project session 3
10 16/04 Advanced Animation  Exam preparation
11 30/04 Project Defense



This course will be evaluated through:

  • A project assignment in OpengGL4 / Python, per group of 2 or 3 students (50% of the final course mark)
  • A 2h written exam (50% of the final course mark)

Previous year exam sheets are provided as examples.